About Breakside Inc.
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We're on a mission to make a better web.

Breakside Inc. formed out of a desire to create a rich, full-featured, and easy to use platform for creating amazing web applications.

After several projects at startups and enterprise companies, it was clear that none of the existing frameworks did it all. In order to tackle the next project, a new platform would be a major help.

JSKit became the platform, launching in early 2020.

Breakside serves the JSKit community while continuing to develop the best applications possible.

Our Mascot
Drawing of a Cattle Dog with sunglasses

A cattle dog named Cutter has yet to commit any code, but he's a wonderful frisbee-loving company mascot. If Cutter wore sunglasses, he'd look a lot like the drawing you see.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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